We are pleased to informed about frequent questions

Q : I am not sure which is the best course for me, how can I get this information?

ANS: Growell Education Consultancy Services is here just to help students. We help aspiring students to make a choice after extensive informal discussions, their aptitude, interests, goals and background. We are friendly advisers to students and their families. We are committed to the growth of our students as we ourselves see our own growth in their successful careers.

Q :Why should I contact Growell Education Consultancy Services?

ANS: Growell is truly committed to providing complete information and assistance for medical and engineering course aspirants. We have a great experience in sending aspiring students to China for higher education. We are associated with esteemed universities like Jiamusi University, Tianjin Chengjian University and Qingdao University Tianjin Medical University.

Q : How much time does the admission process take?

ANS: Although it varies according to different universities or colleges, it may take anything from 5-8 weeks for the admission procedure to be completed. Growell Education Consultancy Services strives to make the admission procedure hassle-free and swift.

Q : Does Growell Education Consultancy Services have an office in China?

ANS : Growell does have an office in China. Our representatives are always available to assist Indian students in China for complete assistance. Moreover, our officials in China remain in constant touch with our main office in Noida, India.

Q : Is it possible for foreign students to open a bank account in China?

ANS: Yes, a foreign student can open a bank account in China for a safe upkeep of their money/ valuables. Our representatives in China can help students with the procedure, which may take up to seven days.

Q : How can I get foreign exchange before I leave India?

ANS : Growell assists with this. We assist in getting foreign exchange issued and also can get your fees remitted through RBI authorized foreign exchange dealers.

Q : How about the availability to foreign students in China?

ANS: All foreign students enrolled at the universities in China are required to take a medical insurance from a Chinese insurance company to cover them for any medical assistance that they may require. This insurance is to be taken at the time of joining the University. They usually cover all risks related to hospitalization and accidents; however, out-patient’s expenses are not covered under general insurance.

Q : What does a ticket to China cost?

ANS: A ticket to China could cost up to Rs. 40,000 (approximately). We assist in procuring the most economical air tickets for aspiring students.

Q : How much time does the flight take?

ANS: The flight could take up to 7-10 hours, depending on the destination and the airline route.

Q : Will Growell help with travel arrangements?

ANS: Yes, Growell assist with travel arrangements. We try to club a group of students together on the same flight for their ease. Also, we have a panel of travel agents to assist students so that they are not overcharged for their travel.

Q : Will there be anyone to receive the students at the airport in China?

ANS: Yes, representatives of Growell Education Consultancy Services will be at the airport to welcome the students. The students will be escorted out of the airport and taken to the university and a suitable accommodation will be provided at the university to keep the luggage, etc.

Q : What about accommodation of students?

ANS: All students who enrol through Growell Education Consultancy Services are provided suitable accommodation of international standards.

Q : What about the safety of students?

ANS: All universities have round the clock security arrangements for students. Further, all foreign students are advised to follow the university norms and avoid any uncalled trouble. Students must seek permission from concerned authorities at the designated university before they travel outside the city they are based in at China.

Q : If at any time, the students wants to withdraw the admission and return to India, will the complete charges deposited be refunded?

ANS: Please be notified that under no circumstances will the fee and other charges be refunded.
Growell goes out of their way to ensure that students get admission in the best colleges and choose the most appropriate course. We provide ample coaching to help students get familiarized with all factors that can affect their stay and studies at China. In the unlikely event that the students are not satisfied and want to come back, we offer personalized guidance to make them feel positive about completing their course tenure at China.
All charges are completely non-refundable.