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Before Choosing The Country  for Studying MBBS and MDS Please Go Through The Links Below.

  1. Universities that are delist from MCI List To Know More  Click Here
  2.  India Students who are wishing to study MBBS from Philippines

Kindly note that all students who pass out 12th grade from India have to enrol for BS course which runs for about three semesters ( about one and half years to two years-depending upon how you attain the credits) before they are eligible to take the NMAT test and enrol for MD course. The BS course is basically a degree course mandatory for getting admission to MD course. Only once you undergo the BS course and get through the NMAT exam, you are admitted to the MD course ( MBBS). This is an important point as the educational agents in India often do not give a full picture to the students who are made to believe that they are going to get admitted to a medical course directly. Kindly note that undergoing BS course and getting a competitive score in NMAT exam is a pre-condition for medical course. We understand that a minimum 40 percentile in NMAT is the passing score but largely depends upon different colleges to prescribe the score which may be higher than 40%. We also understand from students here that NMAT is a tough competitive exam. To Know More Click Here

3.  Advisory For Indian Students Studying MBBS from ARMENIA AND GEORGIA

  • Armenia & Georgia offer higher education in medical, technical and humanitarian sciences.
  • Indian Students seeking admission in the Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU), Armenia or Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU), are informed that the Medical Council of India (MCI) recognizes ONLY the MBBS degree. On completion of degree course at YSMU or TSMU, Indian students are required to clear the screening test conducted by MCI and to receive the certificate for medical practice in India as MBBS doctors. Therefore, recognition of medical degrees awarded by YSMU and TSMU is no more relevant. To Know More Click Here

4. Best Destination To Study MBBS is China . To Know How Click Here

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