Alumni List

S. No. Name of the Student MCI Status Remarks
1 Dr. Savani Vishal Kumar 2014 He Is into garment’s business
2 Dr. Kasbati Mohd. Juned 2012 As a RMO in Pvt. Hospital – Junagadh
3 Dr. Dave Kishan Kumar N.C As a Asst. Doctor in Bajrang Hospital – Bhavnagar
4 Dr. Kalpit Himmat Bhai 2012 Pursuing M.D from America
5 Dr. Dave Aman Bharat Bhai N.C Not in India
6 Dr. Soniya Singh N.C Doing Nothing
7 Dr. Solanki Chintan N.C Doing Nothing
8 Dr. Yatender Kumar Nagar N.C Gone to Shanghai for seminar
9 Dr. Ahmad Ali 2012 As a RMO in Sunder Lal Jain Hospital – New Delhi
10 Dr. Vandita Mor 2012 Working in Pvt. Hospital in Himachal Pradesh
11 Dr. Manthan Ghumar 2010 Working in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Hospital Mumbai
 & pursuing M.D from there only
12 Dr. Keyur Kumar 2012 Working in Govt. Hospital in Baroda
13 Dr. Neha Singh 2012 Worked in RML Hospital , now preparing for entrance of P.G
14 Dr. Rohit Solanki N.C Working in H. J Doshi Hospital – Rajkot
15 Dr. Swati Agnihotri 2011 Worked in Medanta Hospital – Gurgaon
16 Dr. Madhur  Mahajan 2012 Working in Distt. Hospital in Dehradun
17 Dr. Trilok Kumar Sharma 2011 Working In Govt. Hospital – Rajasthan
18 Dr. Azhar N.C Working as a RMO in Sumitra Hospital – Noida
19 Dr. Sovia Mahajan 2012 Working as a RMO in Apollo – Ludhiana
20 Dr. Nandita Maini 2010 Working in Punjab Inst. Of Medical Science – Jalandhar
21 Dr. Aikaj Jindal 2010 Working as a Assistant Professor in CMC Ludhiana,
Completed M.D in Blood Transfusion
22 Dr. Rinku Ben 2011 Working in Kalpana Hospital – Gujarat
23 Dr. Naveen N.C Free rite now
24 Dr. Harkeerat Singh Mann 2014 Searching a job in Chandigarh
25 Dr. Patel Arth 2014 Pursuing P.G from Siddharth Medical Univ. – Banglore
26 Dr. Gagandeep Singh 2013 Preparing for M.D
27 Dr. Sai Chiranjeevi 2012 Working in Max Hospital in Vaishali
28 Dr. Savaliya Hardik Pravin 2014 Working as a RMO in Adani Hospital – Gujarat
29 Dr. Jatin S. Vakhariya 2012 Working in Nanavati Hospital – Mumbai,
Pursuing M.S from Same Hospital
30 Dr. Sumit Talwar 2010 Own Practice, Completed P.G in Medicine
31 Dr. Rohit Ahir 2012 Working as a RMO in Doshi Hospital – Rajkot
32 Dr. Prithvi 2013 Working as a Jr. RMO in GTB Hospital – New Delhi
33 Dr. Sateesh 2013 Working as RMO in Max Hospital – Vaishali
34 Dr. Anusha 2012 Worked in Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad,
now preparing for P.G in Hyderabad
35 Dr. Gondaliya Binal Ben 2014 Working as a Jr. Doctor in Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital – Delhi
36 Dr. Sonal Kaushika 2010 Working in Moolchand Hospital
37 Dr. Sonam Kaushika 2012 Working in Moolchand Hospital
38 Dr. Nishi Kumari 2011 Working in Sadar Hospital – Munger
39 Dr. Vasoya Sachin Govind 2011 Working in MGM Hospital – Mumbai
40 Dr. Gurminder Singh 2012 Preparing for P.G in Delhi, Patel Nagar
41 Dr. Animesh 2010 Working in R.S Hospital – Bihar
42 Dr. Priya 2011 Working in Govt. Hospital in Tamilnadu
43 Rashim Sharma 2010 Worked in MCD Hospital  as a RMO
44 Dr. Rup Narayan 2012 Working as a RMO in Sanjay Gandhi Hospital – Mangolpuri
45 Dr. Avnish 2013 Working as a Jr. RMO in LNJP Hospital – Delhi
46 Dr. Amit Chaudhary 2012 Preparing for P.G in Delhi
47 Dr. Sargam 2010 Worked for 2 yrs. In Hindu Rao Hospital – Delhi,
now pursuing P.G from Andhra
48 Dr. Chetan Bijwal 2013 Working in Seven Hills Hospital – Mumbai
49 Dr. Priyanka Sahu 2012 Working as a M.O in Govt. Hospital – Rourkela
50 Dr. Biswajeet Yadav N.C Working as a RMO in Mission Hospital – Durgapur
51 Dr. Rohit 2011 Working as a CMO in Sarvodaya Hospital, Faridabad
52 Dr. Kumar Raj 2011 Working as a M.O in Community Health Centre – Mirzapur
53 Dr. Hannan 2010 Working in Max 7 Hospital – Bihar
54 Dr. Manish Gaur 2012 Working as a M.O in Herbal Health Centre – Bhavnagar
55 Dr. Saranya N.C Working as a RMO in Laxmi Hospital – Kanchipuram
56 Dr. Soumya N.C Working as a Assistant Doctor in Maternity
Clinic – Kanchipuram
57 Dr. Arti Chandpara 2011 Working as a M.O in Govt. Hospital – Ahmedabad
58 Dr. Harsh Dhaiya 2012 Preparing for M.D
59 Dr. Shruti 2012 As a Medical Officer in Govt. Hospital – UNA
60 Dr. Shantanu 2010 As a RMO in PSRI Hopital – New Delhi
61 Dr. Ifti 2010 Working in Max 7 Hospital, Purnia – Bihar
62 Dr. Saurabh Suman 2010 Working as a M.O in J.N Medical College &
Pursuing P.G. from Aligarh Muslim University
63 Dr. Rubble Mangla 2012 Preparing for P.G
64 Dr. Ribadiya Tanvi Ben 2011 Working as a M.O in SMHS Hospial – Srinagar
65 Dr. Vasoya Sachin Govind 2010 Pursuing M.D from MGM College – Mumbai
66 Dr. Asha 2010 Working in Govt. Hospital in Junagadh
67 Dr. Vaishali Dobariya 2010 Working in Govt. Hospital – Surat
68 Dr. Preetaarsi 2011 Working in Mogamedcity Hospital – Moga
69 Dr. Agraj Kumar Chetan 2010 Working as a M.O in Kasturba Hospital – Daryaganj, Delhi
70 Dr. Mitul Mangukiya 2010 Pursuing P. G  From Aditya Diagnostic & Hospital – Dibrugarh
71 Dr. Aditi Sharma 2010 Pursuing P.G From Dr. Rajendra Prasad Govt. Medical Colllege – Himachal
72 Dr. Ravi Savaliya N .C Working as a M.O at Hanumant Hospital – Junagadh
73 Dr. Zafar Abbas Meer N.C Doing Private Practice in Jammu & Kashmir
74 Dr. Harman Multani 2012 Pursuing P.G in Microbiology from Maulana Medical College – Delhi
75 Dr. Garima Sehgal 2010 Pursuing P.G from Govt. Medical College – Patiala
76 Dr. Sasi Varman 2012 Working as a Asst. Surgeon in Primary Health Centre – Tamilnadu
77 Dr. Nachiketa 2011 Private Practice in Surat
78 Dr. Nitin 2013 Pursuing P.G from Terna Medical College – Mumbai
79 Dr. Harleen 2011 Pursuing M.D in Anaesthesia from Wardha Medical College -Nagpur
80 Dr. Akshay 2010 Working as a RMO in Max Hospital – Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi
81 Dr. Akanksha Mahajan 2011 Pursuing M.D from Govt. Medical College – Patiala
82 Dr. Jaydip Bhayani 2012 Pursuing P.G from Wadia Hospital- Mumbai
83 Dr. Rubin 2012 Working as a RMO in Pvt. Hospital – Kerala
84 Dr. Divya 2011 Preparing for P.G
85 Dr. Shilpa 2012 Working as a RMO in Kamaran Hospital – Chennai
86 Dr. Karishma Bajaj N.C
87 Dr. Haresh Kasodariya Anand Children Hospital & Parvara Inst. Of Medical Science- Maharashtra
88 Dr. Yogesh Patel Working in Gandhi Medical College, Surat
89 Dr. Pankaj Kumar Gupta Working as a M.O in Sadar Hospital, Bihar
90 Dr. Mahesh Patel Working as a M.O at OZ Wellness Centre, Rajkot – Gujarat
91 Dr. Prakash Maiyani Working at Bundaver Base Hospial – Australia
92 Dr. Kifayat Roghani Working as a RMO in Central Hospital- Chennai
93 Dr. Nasir Ahmad Bhatt Working as a M.O at Ministry of Health, Maldives
94 Dr. Feroz Anjum working as a R.O in Patna Govt. Hospital
95 Dr. Karthik Meruva Working as a J.R.O in DDU Hospital – Delhi
96 Dr. Zubair Ahmad 2010 Working with National Rural Health Mission in Delhi
97 Dr. Zia Iqbal Working as a M.O at WHO
98 Dr. Irfan Ansari Humberg, Germany
99 Dr. Yamini Mohanan Working in Govt. Hospital – Chennai
100 Dr. Shahzad Alam Working in Govt. Hospital, Gopalganj
101 Dr. Onitha Working in Military Hospital – Tamilnadu
102 Dr. Vishal Savani Working as a J.R.O in Care Hospital – Bhavnagar
103 Dr. Raushan Working in China – 00861602174748
104 Dr. Harshil Shah
105 Dr. Amit Singh Working in Apollo Indraprastha Hospital
106 Dr. Bharat Yadav 2015 Came back in last week of March 2016
107 Dr. Janak Lathiya 2010 Working as a Pediatrician in Nirmal Hospital, Surat
108 Dr. Jenti varsani 2015 Came back in 2016
109 Dr. Amir 2010 Working in Jamia Hamdard – New Delhi as a RMO also going for P.G from Mangalore
110 Dr. Mohit Buch 2010 P.G done in Radiology. Working in Govt. Hospital at Mumbai
111 Dr. Jyoti Singh 2011 Working as a M.O in Govt. Hospital in Kannuaj
112 Dr. Shadab 2013 Working as a CMO in Majidia Hospital, New Delhi
113 Dr. Mubashir Ahmad 2011 Working as a sonologist in Kamaal Basha Scan & Lab – Tamilnadu
114 Dr. Soumyabrato 2012 Working in Fortis Hospital, Kolkata
115 Dr. Manil Mittal N.C Completed M.D in Medicine from Tianjin. Working in ICU deptt. In IVY Hospital, Mohali


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