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Growell Education Consultancy Services is a reputed India based education consultancy that offers expert guidance and information for aspiring students seeking medical/engineering courses in China. We are a leading overseas education and migration service provider.

Since its launch, Growell Education Consultancy Services has been instrumental in facilitating numerous students from India to leverage from overseas professional education. Indian students have largely benefited from the efforts put in by Growell to bring affordable, high-quality medical studies in China to their doorstep. Growell Education Consultancy Services, a link between aspiring students and esteemed universities in China, offer an array of services that help the students get through the best medical university courses.

Our strong collaboration with leading foreign universities and colleges having world-wide affiliations, enables us to help students undertake graduate and post-graduate medical university courses in China.

Under the esteemed leadership of Mr. D.N. Trivedi, a post-graduate in Political Science, Growell has achieved a lot of success in the field of educational consultancy services. A visionary, Mr. D.N. Trivedi always inspires Growell to help aspiring medical students with best counselling and support for medical studies in China. His business acumen has helped Growell grow well since its launch.

A professional educational consultancy in India, Growell takes pride in assisting students with all kinds of higher education courses and training programs including engineering and medical graduate/ post-graduate courses, diploma courses, etc. Unlike most educational consultants who just aim to “sell” universities to students, we strive to get you through the most suitable medical or engineering college as per your aptitude in the best personal interests of students and their families.

Our complete solution-based services have earned us the reputation of being the best foreign education consultants based in India.

The fact that you are on our website is proof enough that you are seriously considering professional studies in China. Right from taking a decision to study abroad. Most students and their parents are in doubt about their choice of a professional consultancy. Many times they are duped of their valuable time and money by touts who claim to know-it-all but have very little expertise and experience in overseas education. This is where Growell Education Consultancy Services, a professional education consultancy steps in. Going overseas for higher education is a very crucial decision for all aspiring students. Hence, it is critical to chose a reliable and professional education consultancy firm for guidance and support. As a complete solution to all your higher education needs in China, Growell offers a complete package of services to help you sail through all obstacles in your career in the most efficient manner. Connect with us to put to rest all your doubts and anxieties of getting through the right course in the best universities in China.

Our extensive services and support for aspiring medical students, which includes, free counselling, admission support, complete visa services, pre-arrival orientation, post-arrival support, accommodation assistance, regular support during course duration and more. In other words, Growell provides exemplary support to all students, giving them a benefit of living in a home away from home throughout their course duration.

Get in touch with us for a fruitful foray into medical education in China.